Community Advocacy


Supporting your local Businesses now means creating a prosperous future for all of us.

GIVE THE GIFT OF BUSINESS – If you typically frequent a business, buy a gift card that covers your usual patronage. Then spread out the use of the gift card over time. In addition, give one as a gift to someone that might not normally shop there.

KEEP YOUR SUBSCRIPTION/MEMBERSHIP – Many small businesses rely on your support to keep their doors open. If you have a subscription or membership to a gym, exercise class, music lessons, dance academy, etc. – pay and keep them current. Your subscription could save a business.

BUY NOW PICK UP LATER – If you planned on buying a manufactured product like a guitar, clothing, or specialized good – call instead and buy it, have them set it aside, and pick it up later. Shopping local businesses online is a great option as well.

ASK HOW YOU CAN HELP – If you know the owners or employees of a business personally, drop a line and ask them how you can help with ideas specific to their business.

MANAGE ANXIETY –  Concerns about COVID-19 are real. However, it is important to be measured in our concern and not let anxiety get the better of us and our decisions.

For a list of businesses, restaurants, and bars that are offering online ordering, curbside pickup, or delivery click here.



The Sycamore Chamber of Commerce believes that for Sycamore to continue its momentum of progress and sustained economic vitality, it is essential to our business community as well as our entire community that the City Council continues to implement and follow the proposed Comprehensive Plan. This Plan provides healthy residential growth, allowing necessary business expansion in our community.

The Sycamore Chamber will continue to be an active partner offering input in the information gathering and decision making process on how Sycamore should zone and plan the use of the land within our borders to increase local business revenues and enhance our local tax base.

The Sycamore Chamber will continue collaborating with all economic development entities to encourage and foster aggressive business growth that is essential for a healthy and vibrant Sycamore area community.


  • By encouraging businesses to locate and thrive in our community, we strengthen the area’s economy, ensure diversified career opportunities, and increase the tax base for funding services.
  • Recognizing that a healthy business environment requires efficient and responsive governmental system, we encourage cooperation and consolidation, to reduce costs, delays and uncertainties in permitting, approvals, inspections and licensing.
  • The business community should not be disproportionately burdened with taxes, fees, assessments or licensing requirements.
  • The impact on local business should be considered when making land use decisions, and ensure such decisions are appropriate to location and are in keeping with the parallel goal of ensuring sustainable business growth and economic vitality.



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