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People do business with people they know!

And there’s no better way to get to know other Chamber members than by attending our Business After Hours (BAH) or a Ribbon Cutting event.

Here are the best reasons to attend a Business After Hours or Ribbon Cutting:

  • Congratulate Your Neighbor:  Come say “congratulations” to the new business owner in your neighborhood. Our ribbon cuttings and Business After Hours are often for new small businesses that are just getting started. It means a lot for an established business person to stop in and share some positive energy.
  • Experience the “New”: You’ll be among the first to experience the newest attractions and additions to our community. Impress your friends when they ask “Have you been to_________ yet?” and you say “Of course I have!” Or better yet, invite them along.
  • Build Your Network: Business is still done face to face. Many business after hours and ribbon cuttings are intimate events which means more time to talk and get your name out there.  When a new business owner needs a product or service, make sure it’s you they think to call.
  • Feel Hopeful: A ribbon cutting is truly a “feel good” event. This is a celebration of a person realizing their dream, investing in our area, and hiring our friends and neighbors. It feels good to be there for this joyous occasion, the start of a journey. And it feels good to shop, when you come back to patronize their business.
  • Enjoy Refreshments & Other Perks: Business After Hours and Ribbon cuttings are free to attend. Many include giveaways or product discounts. Sometimes the events feature food, entertainment or demonstrations.

    Business After Hours are held on a Thursday from 4:30 to 6:30 pm, unless otherwise noted. Ribbon Cuttings are typically scheduled around the lunch hour on Tuesdays or Fridays, but we will work to accommodate our member businesses.

Call 815-895-3456 or email Ashlee at to schedule your Business After Hours or Ribbon Cutting today.