Clifford Danielson Outstanding Citizen Award

The CLIFFORD DANIELSON OUTSTANDING CITIZEN Award is given annually by the Sycamore Chamber of Commerce.  The Award was established in 1986 and was named after Clifford Danielson.  Danielson was a leader in the business community for over 60 years.  The CLIFFORD DANIELSON Award honors individuals who strive toward the highest levels of professional accomplishment, excel in their chosen field, and have devoted time and energy to their community in a meaningful way.

Congratulations to our 2018 Clifford Danielson Outstanding Citizen Mr. Gary K. Evans     



Clifford Danielson Outstanding Citizen recipients may be male or female and must meet each of the following criteria:

  • Any living resident of the greater Sycamore area or anyone actively involved in the Sycamore community though not a resident;
  • A record of stable consistent leadership in civic activities
  • Must have contributed in a way to enhance the quality of life in Sycamore by:
  1. demonstrated competence in fulfilling responsibilities
  2. effectiveness in maintaining and improving the business, industrial and professional interests of Sycamore
  3. success in conceiving and implementing innovations and improvements in civic and community projects
  4. leadership in developing in the activities through which the community expands its business, industrial and residential areas
  5. excellence in creating, and maintaining constructive relationship with the business, industrial and professional interests
  6. excellence in human relations, especially as demonstrated by garnering the respect of peers and members of the community


  • Nominations for the CLIFFORD DANIELSON OUTSTANDING CITIZEN must be submitted using this  CLIFFORD DANIELSON Nomination form Please type or print clearly.
  • Please review the nomination form carefully to be sure that information is supplied which demonstrates the involvement, achievement, and leadership accomplishments of your nominee. The more complete the information provided, the more useful this form will be for those who judge this important award.


  • A selection Committee will review all nomination forms and nominate one for the CLIFFORD DANIELSON Award with final approval by the Chamber Board of Directors at the November Board meeting, held on the third Tuesday of November.
  • Nominees will not be made public.
  • Nominations may be submitted at any time prior to November 1.
  • The CLIFFORD DANIELSON OUTSTANDING CITIZEN recipient will be recognized at the Chamber’s Annual Meeting, held on the last Thursday in January.
  • As with other Chamber Awards, if the committee feels there is not a clear recipient the award does not have to be given out that year.


To the Sycamore Chamber of Commerce, 519 West State Street, Sycamore, IL   60178  or email to office@sycamorechamber.com



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2019  –Kathy Countryman


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