As long as business is about relationships and as long as the strength of many united is stronger that the voice of one, then a Sycamore Chamber Membership is essential to your business success.

If you were to put a dollar figure on the publicity, referrals, business leads, political contacts, marketing services, economic development projects, research information, etc., it certainly makes your membership decision worth the investment.

Networking Events

Being able to network with other businesses in the community is very important and almost critical for the survival of most businesses – and a key mission of our chamber. Many people view the Sycamore Chamber as a place where businesses do business.

Expand Your Market Reach

There is no better way to get your business name in front of the public and business community, while receiving benefits and services to help you succeed in your business, than through your chamber membership. The following are just some of the ways.

Broadcast Emails to Members

The Sycamore Chamber offers education services for our members, hosting seminars, workshops, or speakers on the important issues of the day. We partner with the City of Sycamore, the DeKalb County Economic Development Corporation, the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce and the DeKalb County Farm Bureau to keep our members connected.

Website & Directory Listings

The Sycamore Chamber is also your resource of information about the community. We have census data, analysis of that data, and other pertinent lifestyle information that could help you market you businesses. And help prospective business owners decide about locating or marketing in our area.

Community Event Sponsorships

Interactive Member Website & On The Go App

Educational Opportunities


The Sycamore Chamber creates a strong, singular voice for the business community in a given area. The Chamber helps protect the interests of businesses, frequently acting like a watchdog of any political issues that might affect the business community. We tackle issues such as laws, including a no-smoking ban in restaurants, parking issues, and other issues from local town ordinances to tax issues.

The Chamber helps reduce your cost for doing business by tracking state and federal issues that affect your business through the Illinois and U.S. Chambers’ of Commerce.

We keep you informed through the Council Clipboard, an informal summary of city council agenda in advance of the meeting, and the Chamber Focus Newsletter.

More on Business Advocacy

County and Municipal Representation


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