Leadership Academy

The mission of our Leadership Academy is to engage professionals in the business and civic life of our community by providing a platform for leadership and professional development and significant opportunities for growth and exposure.

We will . . .

PROVIDE young professionals with a foundation of knowledge about the Sycamore community.
DELIVER programs that inspire young professionals to further develop and strengthen our community.
DEVELOP and enhance leadership skills to create strong engaged leaders.
EMPOWER young professionals with the expertise to partner with current community leaders.
ADVOCATE for the relationship between business and community.
CREATE a heightened awareness of the needs and challenges that affect the Sycamore community.
BUILD a better future for the Sycamore area by developing young professionals into leaders with a vested interested in community stewardship.

Registration Forms are taken annually but must be completed and returned to Chamber by January 25th .   Leadership Academy Registration Form

is presented by Foster Buick Attorney’s at Law 

  • Miriam Tellez
    The Suter Company
  • Nick Reineck
    Sycamore School District
  • Steven Sulaver
    Heartland Bank & Trust
  • Tauna Willis
    Blackhawk Moving & Storage
  • Rebecca Myers
    Kish Health Systems Physician Group
  • Jill Barczak
    Blumen Gardens
  • Rober Heck
    First National Bank
  • Tasha Sims
    DeKalb County Government
  • Linda Korjan
    Opportunity House
  • Maury Dobbel
    First Midwest Bank
  • Jesse Butz
    Sycamore Public Library
  • Kyle Moore
    Walgreens in Sycamore
  • Mayra Vazquez
  • Jess Harrill
    Foster, Buick, Conklin, & Lundgren, LLC.

Class of 2017

  • Josephine Fairall
    The Suter Company
  • Darcy Eggleson
    Sycamore School District
  • Natasha Beaumont
    Illinois Community Credit Union
  • Haley Gerdes
    Heartland Bank & Trust
  • Alyson Shipley
    DeKalb County Circuit Clerks Office
  • Shelby Huffman
    Shaw Media
  • Anna Schelkopf
    DeKalb County Farm Bureau
  • Anna Hart
    Foster, Buick, Conklin, Lundgren, & Tritt, LLC
  • Malwina Bardoni
    Midwest Museum of Natural History
  • Coral Ware
    Bethany Animal Hospital

Class of 2016

  • Jessica Bacon
    Kishwaukee Family YMCA
  • Shawna Bennett
    School Tool Box
  • Erin Clark
    Shodeen Homes
  • William Finney
    Syndeo Networks, Inc.
  • Amber Floersch
    Illinois Community Credit Union
  • Eli Hamingson
    Blackhawk Moving and Storage Inc.
  • Leah Jordal
    Voluntary Action Center
  • Mike King
    CMJ Technologies
  • Cindy Khatri
    Midwest Museum of Natural History
  • Leslie Latimer
    Blumen Gardens
  • Stephanie Liesse
    KishHealth System
  • Terra Potts
    KishHealth System
  • Sarah Rex
    Sycamore Park District

CLASS of 2015

  • Carlos Aburto 
    Kishwaukee Family YMCA
  • Bryce Law
    Kishwaukee College
  • Melissa Dobberstein
    Sycamore Park District
  • Trevor Holbert
    Blumen Gardens
  • Brittani Holliday
    First Midwest Bank
  • Ryan Janisch 
    Sycamore School District
  • Kelcie Robinson 
    Sharp Architects
  • Rebecca Zantout 
    DeKalb County Community Foundation
  • Jill Dubicz-Carter 
    Sycamore Public Library
  • Samantha Slagle
    Home Instead Senior Care
  • Tina Vavra  
    Le Print/New Values Magazine
  • Chris Botts
    Syndeo Networks, Inc.
  • Sarah Meyer
    Tom & Jerry’s of Sycamore
  • Noel Bradac
    Driv-Lok, Inc.
  • Holly Peifer
    Family  Service Agency
  • Amanda Wielgus
    Klein, Stoddard, Buck & Lewis
  • Brandon Haas
    National Bank & Trust Company


  • Courtney Cox
    City of Sycamore
  • Lucas Goucher
  • Michelle Jones
    Kishwaukee College
  • Emily Sahly
    School Tool Box, Llc.
  • Patrick McMillion
    Adventure Works
  • Cricket Wise
    Blumen Gardens
  • Zachry Downing
    State Farm Insurance
  • Dave Stouffer
  • Lesley Webster
    Kishwaukee Family YMCA
  • Rachel Beach
    Kishwaukee Family YMCA


  • Lisa White
    Sycamore Park District
  • Lesley Feyerherm
    Kishwaukee Family YMCA
  • Heather Eade
    Kishwaukee Family YMCA
  • Micah Stoddard
    Jeff Keicher- State Farm
  • Nate McClelland
    Driv-Lok Inc.
  • Nicholas Hamik
    American Midwest Bank
  • Laura Nolan
    Family Service Agency
  • Kathryn Piper
    Blumen Gardens
  • Gerrit Schrant
    Dairy Dogs


  • Tara Knull
    Northern Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine
  • Sandra Maahs
    Foster and Buick Law Group
  • Emily Roberts
    KishHealth System
  • Justin Elliot
    Clean USA
  • Megan Merchant
  • Kara Gallagher
    Kishwaukee YMCA
  • Scott Kelly
    Country Financial
  • Dana Chaplin
  • Staci Hoste
  • Christy Sharp
  • Sarah Vize


  • Julie Jordal
    American National Bank of DeKalb County
  • Jon Kuhn
    Banner Up
  • Ryan Kralka
  • Courtney Denison
    Family Service Agency
  • Adam Orton
    City of Sycamore
  • Lauren Diehl
    Sycamore Chamber
  • Todd Vanatta
    Northern Rehab and Sports Med
  • Chad Jewett
    CMJ Technologies
  • Josh Kruis
    Sparkle Janitorial
  • Jenna Cooper
    Foster & Buick Law Firm
  • Justin Yahnig
    The National Bank & Trust Company


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